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This is a Reminder

Submitting USA-WSWS Incident Reports

1. Incidents should now be reported electronically using the link below.

2. The online form can be accessed from the USA-WSWS website on the Insurance Resources Page for Sanctioned Events at and can be filled out on a computer, tablet or phone. We recommend you bookmark this page to access the link.

3. Hard copy PDF incident reporting forms can still be used onsite to gather information; the reporting person (safety, local organizing club, individual themselves) will need to transfer that information into the electronic form after the event (instead of emailing the scanned PDF to HQ).

4. All questions currently on the PDF incident report form are on the electronic incident report form.

5. The electronic form allows for attachments of the PDF along with any pictures and other supporting documents.

This new process will help us keep all incident report data in one place year over year in case it needs to be referenced in the future. We appreciate your attention to this matter. If you have any questions, please email or me at

As NSSA Safety Chairman, please notify me of any Incident reports you file. You can reach me at or on my cell at 704-965-4676

Thank You

Kurtis McMillan

NSSA Safety Chairman